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IT Outsourcing, projects and consulting services

Few things that makes us different 

International Team

Our Team consists with highly experienced local and international IT professionals.


Experience in implementing IT systems internationally will guide us  to support your business.

IT cost control

Do you spend a lot on IT services? We can optimise your IT infrastructure and reduce cost

what we offer


We can support your business and provide IT support on all levels either onsite and offsite, our approach here is individual and service type depending on costumer business requirements. 


We can develop and implement any IT project you may have, would it be a new IT infra or upgrade of current one, or it’s a new IT solution for your business? we’ll be happy to assist.


Castomer satisfaction is the key !  We can support you to improve your customers experience which posively effects on business.


Do you need  complex IT systems to be integrated?  We’ll analizy your bussiness and propose most suitable and cost effetive solution.


Does your business need automation? We can assist with that too.


– Setup up IT Equipment and network infrastructure. – Server infrastructure. – Server room and disaster recovery sites. – Enterprise Wi-Fi solutions. – IT Procurement. – Fiber Optic network. – Access control and Time Attendance systems. – CCTV. – VoIP. – Web and software development and more

Web and Application development

Custom website and web application development. integration services.


SmartFrame is a customizable display that is great for home and the office. standard screen size is 24 inch, however we can customize project to meet your needs. Our display is a simple and elegant way to display your calendar, photos, weather, and lots more


Essential, Plus and Pro customers have access to all of our supported integrations:

Digital Wall Calendar

SmartFrame is a digital wall calendar. It supports calendar syncing with Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, Facebook and other online calendar services! Choose an agenda style to see the next few days, or display your events on a full monthly calendar. SmartFrame makes a perfect digital family planner!

* Agenda view * Full monthly view * Customizable calendar colors

Digital Photo Frame

SmartFrame is a “set it, and forget it”, digital picture frame. Authorize your favorite photo sharing service such as Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr or Google Photos and let SmartFrame be your digital art display! Configure it to show your latest photos, or pull from a specific album. Have it change the photo at any interval you choose. There’s no separate albums to manage, or SD cards to load. SmartFrame is a wifi connected, smart picture frame!

The Ultimate Smart Dashboard

With everything you need in one place, SmartFrame can help you stay informed at a glance. The following are just a few examples of how you can customize your SmartFrame screens:

* Smart Home Devices * Weather * Traffic * To-do Lists * News Feeds * Stock Quotes